Allied Global

We are a corporation dedicated to outsourcing related to contact centers.

We currently count with 7 years of experience in the market; working with major telecommunication companies in Central America, Mexico and the USA.

We provide our services from 7 key sites within Guatemala and Honduras. We are part of a team of over 2500 allies, every day we work in an effort to provide the best service in the best working environment.


“Allied Global is the type of team one can become part of and earn everybody´s trust. It helps you grow and evolve and make the best use of your skills and expertise. Working at Allied Global has been one of the most rewarding experiences ever and I highly recommend it.”
Jaime Granados
“Allied Global is my second family; they have opened so many doors for me and given me so many opportunities. The work environment is amazing, we all get along so well, as the big family we have become. It is the ideal place to grow not only as a professional, but as a person too. The work schedules allow us to work and study at the same time. Everything about the company makes it worthwhile. I´ve never loved coming to work as I do now.”
Melissa Gainor
Analista QA
“Allied Global allows professional growth due to its flexibility with schedules. It gives students the opportunity to work while still preparing professionally. We are able to achieve goals, grow values and acquire experiences on a daily basis. I encourage everybody to become part of Allied Global´s family.”
Sarahi Tejada Tinoco